Monday, July 24, 2006 Update 07/24/06

Last week Tufts University was fined by OSHA for an accident
involving botulinum toxin that had occurred on April 5, 2006.
The accident involved a cracked test tube in a centrifuge (a
fairly common accident in labs). Though five lab workers tested
negative for the toxin, investigators found that Tufts had
violated the experiments protocols, improper use of protective
equipment, lack of personnel training regarding lab equipment,
safety, and emergency response procedures. It should be noted
that Tufts is attempting to build a new BSL-3 laboratory in the
nearby community of Grafton, a project opposed by Grafton

In related press release today, the DHHS Office of Inspector
General has issued a report "Summary Report on Universities'
Compliance With Select Agent Regulations"
that looked at 15
universities working with bioweapons agents. The report found
that 11 of 15 universities were not in compliance with bioweapons
agents security regulations in at least one of five areas, five were
not in compliance in at least three of five areas, and one was not
in compliance in five of five areas. "Due to the sensitivity of the
issues" the names of the universities will not be released to the


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