Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One Step Closer to Disaster

Today we are one step closer to a total disaster that doesn’t have to happen. The corporate media reported on Wednesday that U.S. scientists have completed the reconstruction of the deadly 1918 influenza virus (up to now they had only completed several segments). That’d be the one they are going to be spraying on monkeys in downtown Seattle in a facility that is in the process of being upgraded to the minimum standards necessary so they can proceed with this disaster.

You probably also saw the news where the Bush Admin is talking publicly about using the military for quarantine operations in case of a major outbreak. What’s interesting isn’t that they’d use the military (that’s already SOP for such incidents) but that they are publicly setting citizen expectations that such an incident is likely. Yes avian influenza is on an upsurge in Asia with reports just last week of a possible human-to-human transmission (since that time shown NOT to have occurred) but experts continue to indicate the most likely origin in the short term will be from the numerous labs working on "biodefense" (bioweapons) work.

Welcome to ground zero.

Mike McCormick

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